Dear players,

Due to game stability reasons, as of update 1.63, the game is no longer compatible with some devices with which it used to be compatible in the previous game versions.

Generally, all devices which were originally released with Android 5.0 on them will no longer run the game, even though the Android version could have been updated up to Android 11 on those devices.

As of update 1,63, Jurassic World: The Game is no longer compatible with the following devices:

- Samsung gta2xllte (Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5))
- Samsung A21 (Galaxy A21)
- LG meh15lm (LM-K420)
- Samsung gta4s (Galaxy Tab A (8.4", 2020))
- Xiaomi cereus (Redmi 6)
- LG mmh55lm (LG K40S)
- LG mdh35lm (K51S)
- Motorola guamna (moto g play (2021))
- Samsung r5q (Galaxy S10 Lite)
- LG mdh15lm (LG K41S)
- Realme RMX2180 (realme C15)
- Vivo 1920 (vivo 1920)
- Xiaomi tucana (Mi Note 10)
- Realme RMX1941 (realme C2)
- Xiaomi monet (Mi 10 lite 5G)
- Motorola ocean_t (moto g(7) power)
- Alcatel Aquaman_10_Smart_WIFI (1T10 SMART)

If you are playing on a Facebook or a Google Play device, you can log into your game with Google Play or Facebook from a compatible device.

If you are playing on a Guest account and would like to transfer your game data to a compatible device, please reach out to our su[pport team at, request an account transfer and include the Support Key from both your current game account and your game account on the compatible device.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding.