A MASSIVE new update is coming! See below to prepare!
Remember to have fun and stay safe when exploring!

  • Brachiosaurus
  • Gallimimus
  • Giraffatitan
  • Ornithomimus
  • Gryposuchus
  • Diplotator
  • Ankylocodon
  • Diloranosaurus
  • Monomimus
  • Tuoramoloch
  • Sarcorixis

  • Over 30 Achievements available via the Achievements menu under Player Level.
  • Earn a Cash reward for completing each Achievement, and collect more the further you get!
Seasonal Tournaments
  • More information to come, so stay tuned!

  • Higher chances of encountering Rare or Epic creatures.
  • Improved map visuals with more texture and clarity.
  • Added more Supply Drops to help you in your exploration.
  • Normal Supply Drops are now orange to make them more visible on the map.
  • Payouts on VIP Supply Drops will give double rewards with every spin.
  • See the map change from daynightdawn and dusk.
Strike Events
  • Strike Events are PvE battles that take place on the map in two all-new arenas, Daybreak and Nightfall! New Strike Events will appear on your map on a weekly basis. Unlike normal battle, Strike Event battles last several rounds. In a Strike Event, you’ll need to defeat the opponent team to move onto the next round. But be careful, this team will become stronger with each new battle.
  • Every time you win a battle, your progress will be saved.
  • You’ll also get a set of retries, that allows you to re-enter battle at your current milestone if you’re defeated.
  • If you can win every round before using up all your retries, you’ve won the event!
  • Even if you don’t make it all the way to the end, you’ll collect rewards every time you progress. But if you win, you’ll collect the grand prize!
Location Reporting
  • The new Flag Button can be used to report a dangerous spawn point or Supply Drop on the map.

The News Center can now be found with your Mail in the Message Center.
  • Use the all NEW Social tab and start building social groups with the Friends feature.
  • Once you’ve invited your friends via their gamer ID, you can challenge them to all new Friendly Battles.
  • Friendly Battle will not affect your trophy count or Leaderboard.
  • During Friendly Battles, all creatures are set to level 26 for a fair competition that tests your skill.

We’ve reworked the creature roster in order to create a globally balanced experience and to avoid power creep.

  • An option to improve the Battery life on older devices is available.
  • To prevent impacting your data plan, Supply Drops no longer have ads, however, rewards have been increased to compensate for this. Nevertheless, you can still choose to watch ad on Special Event Supply Drops to respin and collect more rewards.
  • AND… minor text fixes.