The first time you enter the Friends List you will be encouraged to Invite your friends by using their player name and the set of four numbers attached to it. You can find this information on their player profile, or by asking your friend in real life. Once you invite a friend to be your friend, they will receive a notification to confirm your request. Then you'll be friends.
You'll also be able to send Friend Request links through your favorite social media platforms including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, SMS, Email, Snapchat and many more! Just tap on the "Invite Friends" button then select "Share Invite Link".
Lastly if you've linked your account with Facebook and allowed Jurassic World Alive permission to access your Facebook Friends list, any Facebook friends that have Jurassic World Alive linked will be imported into your Jurassic World Alive friends list. Just tap on the "Invite Friends" button then select "Reimport Friends". Please note this may cause the app to re-request your Facebook Login or to re-allow Jurassic World Alive access to your Facebook Friends list.