Scents are triggered by Scent Capsules which are consumable items used to attract and spawn creatures in your immediate vicinity. Scents will only attract and spawn creatures for yourself and will have no impact for other DPG members.

Scent Capsules can be purchased from the market but you can also receive them by opening Supply Drops and from Special Events! 

Your Scent Capsules can be accessed from the new Inventory icon that appears on your Map. You can only hold a maximum of 2 Scents per Scent type in your Inventory. When at the Inventory limit, additional Scents that are rewarded from Events and Activities do not get added. Purchasing Scents from the Market directly however will still be added and bypasses the Inventory limit. 

Scents don’t last forever but you’ll be able to see when a Scent is active and for how long via the timer that appears above your Inventory icon on the Map. 

Most Scents have a timer of 20 minutes which will display above the inventory icon. This timer will remain active even after you've hunted a creature attracted from the Scent. Be sure to take advantage of this timer to walk around and attract many creatures!

Some recommendations on how best to use your Scent Capsules:

  • Scent capsule are more efficient if you walk at a reasonable pace. Your movement will attract more creatures. 
  • Be careful not too move too fast. If you use a Scent Capsule in a car or when in transportation, creatures won't be able to keep up with you!
  • Please note that a guaranteed Rare or Epic creature is not guaranteed to be the first one to appear. You never know when it'll show up!