If you've activated a Scent Capsule but no creatures spawned from it, here's a few things to consider beforehand.

  • Did you notice any creatures appear on your map before activating the Scent? If no creatures appear on your map before activating the Scent it may signify a different issue affecting your creature spawns altogether. If the case, we recommend rebooting the app a few times until you see creatures spawn on your map naturally. If they start spawning in, it may then be safe to activate your Scent capsule for additional spawns.
  • Did you activate the Scent while in a moving vehicle? Creatures will spawn where the Scent Capsule was initially activated and have a tough time catching up to DPG members on the move. We recommend activating your Scent Capsules starting in a stationary position without the possibility of suddenly shifting locations, to ensure any creatures attracted to the Scent can easily find you!
  • Did your creature spawn next to other creatures? To identify which creature was attracted to your Scent specifically, look for the one with the mist-like visual surrounding it. This signifies that creature was spawned as a direct result of your Scent activation.
  • If you've ensured everything above but still no creature spawns upon the Scent's initial activation, try waiting a minimum of two minutes and walk around the surrounding area to see if any creatures get attracted. If after a minimum of two minutes you see no creature spawns, try rebooting the app and see if that helps. Scents last between 5 to 20 minutes (depending on the Scent Capsule type) which should then give you enough time to activate it and reboot the app if you continue experiencing creature spawn issues with it.

Still have some questions? You can contact support through the in-game FAQ, through the Contact Us form on our web-based FAQ, or mail us at support+alive@ludia.com