For greater detail please visit our Release Notes post available over at our Ludia Forums!


- Alliance Missions


- Increased interaction range on the map
- Migration and world balancing
- Strike Events Updated Look


Text banners that appear on top of creatures during the battle now have a color-code.

- Red: Negative Effect (Debuff)
- Brown: Positive Effect (Buff)
- Blue: Attack
- Turquoise: Defense


- Swap In Nullification
- Instant Rampage
- Regenerate and Run
- Acute Stun
- Decelerating Strike
- Lethal Swoop
- Cleanse and Swoop


The following abilities have had changes made to them. To see what they are, please see the Release Notes Forum Post linked above.

- Distracting Rampage.
- Swap In Shattering Rampage
- Nullifying Impact
- Ready to Crush
- Slowing Impact
- Superiority Strike Improvement



- Scolosaurus
- Scaphognathus
- Maiasaura
- Pachycephalosaurus


- Darwezopteryx
- Edmontoguanodon
- Pterovexus
- Stygidaryx
- Procerathomimus
- Skoolasaurus


The following creatures have had changes made to their stats and abilities. To see what they are, please visit the Release Notes Forum Post linked above.

- Alankylosaurus
- Alanqa
- Arambourgiania
- Baryonyx
- Baryonyx GEN2
- Brachiosaurus
- Darwinopterus
- Dimorphodon
- Dracoceratops
- Dracorex GEN2
- Kentrosaurus
- Magnapyritor
- Monolophosaurus
- Monomimus
- Ouranosaurus
- Pyrritator
- Sinoceratops
- Utarinex
- Utasinoraptor


- Support for iPad Pro Gen 3
- Now supports traditional Chinese.
- New visual feedback when a battle ends due to a server timeout.


- Battle bug-fixes:
- Damage Preview is fixed (including vulnerability, armor, shields, damage buff & debuff, etc.)
- Cloak provides dodge chance until the creature does its boosted attack (if the Cloaked creature hits a counter-attacker, the Counter Attack should always hit since the creature is no longer dodging).
- Shield Advantage bypasses armor.
- We are still working on the speed marker bugs. Don’t hesitate to send out specific use cases and reproduction steps to our customer support team in order to help us improve this communication!
- Issue with Scent Capsules where, when activated, visual feedback isn’t available and therefore appears to not be working.
- After player feedback, we have revised Daily Mission requirements and the associated rewards. The goal of this change is that a player must spend roughly two sessions of 10-30 minutes (depending on skill and location) in order to accomplish all missions when they are at their top difficulty.
- The maximum possible values for number of opened supply drops, opened incubators, direct hits, and darts shot have been greatly reduced.
- The DNA rewards have been adjusted.
- The Daily Mission Bonus Epic DNA reward is now Tyrannosaurus Rex.


- New tips on the Drone loading screen for a more successful flight.
- Clearer tips for creature targeting during drone minigame and guidance arrows toward the creature.
- Bounce-back toward the creature for drones that have flown out of range.

And much more.