Update 1.8 has released! For full details please visit our official Release Notes Forums post for all the new features and changes occurring with this update:



- Sanctuaries (this will have its own FAQ section)
- Seasonal PvP
- Geolocation & Improved AR
- Ability Updates
- New Abilities
- New Hybrids
- Core Mechanic Update
- Creature Updates
- Misc & Bug Fixes


We’ve rebuilt PvP Seasons from the ground up with a new League structure on top of the existing arenas and rewards based on each player’s trophy high score during each season.


- 3 new League Arenas: Lockwood Library, Gyrosphere, and Beach.
- A new season every month with different prize tiers based on trophy count and rank.
- Scoring (and prizes) based on seasonal high score reached rather than current score.
- At the end of each Season, players in League Arenas have their trophy count reset based on their current position.
- Seasons have participation prizes.
- You must complete at least one battle to be eligible.
- The previous season’s rewards are available to be collected while the current season is active. Any uncollected rewards past this point are forfeit.
- Additional Designer’s Note: In 1.8, the maximum trophies gained or lost per match is 40, and the minimum gained or lost per match is 20. This means that we go from a factor of ×5 (going from +10 to -50) to a factor of ×2 (going from +20 to -40).
- In 1.7, players who used to be estimated above their opponent would win only 10 points but would lose 50: this meant that they needed to win 5 times more than they could lose in order to maintain their trophy score. Now, with the new values, they will be able to at worst win 20 and lose 40, which means that they need to win 2 times more than they lose in order to maintain their trophy score.


- Small migration to keep each neighborhood balanced.
- In the lab, many creatures now have new animations to create even more fun photos and videos.
- Cenozoic and Flying creatures will have new animations in the future.


Dodge Overhaul: It seems that providing a plethora of Nullification creatures and abilities in the previous updates did not entice players to field these creatures in their strike team in order to use such tools against dodgers. With the advent of the Precise mechanic in the last update, we sincerely hoped to give very specific tools to players who wanted to counter that mechanic totally. To further reduce the influence of randomness over the game that the dodge mechanic unfortunately entails, we have decided to let some damage go through even when your creature successfully dodges. This happens whenever you are under the effect of Evasion and/or Cloak effects. In the case of multiple dodge chances active at the same time on a creature, the highest chance to dodge will apply, ignoring the lower chance–this does mean that we are also using that higher dodge chance’s damage reduction.
- The dodge mechanic will now reduce direct damage by 66.7% instead of 100%. For instance, if you dodge an attack of 3000 damage, you will suffer 999 points of damage. Dodging creatures have been rebalanced to take this change into account. More information below.

Armor Piercing Impact: Cooldown reduced to 1 turn.


- Decelerating Counter
- Deliberate Prowl
- Nullifying Rampage
- Shielded Decelerating Strike


- Smilocephalosaurus
- Diplovenator
- Dsungaia
- Pteraquetzal
- Carnotarkus
- Ardentismaxima
- Quetzorion


Critical Hit Multiplier goes from 1.5x to 1.25x. This reduces the influence of Critical Hit Random Number Generation (or RNG) on our game. Creatures that once relied on RNG become more reliable, because we have increased their Attack characteristic to compensate. The only creatures that are effectively nerfed by this change are Rend users, notably Marsupial Lion. In the creature updates below, the new Attack value is identified with an * in order to display when a creature benefitted from the critical hit multiplier rebalancing.


Because of the balancing pass on the Dodge mechanics (which reduced the effectiveness of this ability) and the reduction of Critical Multiplier to 1.25x, multiple creatures have been rebalanced to compensate.
Additionally, the availability of creature DNA has been factored in its battle balancing. When comparing two creatures of the same rarities, the more difficult creatures to find (or fuse) are more powerful than creatures that are more accessible.For example, we brought Magnapyritor (reduction) and Geminititan (increase) more in line with their hard-to-fuse cousins.

Alankylosaurus: HP increased to 4560
Alanqa: Attack increased to 1140
Allosaurus: Attack increased to 1750*.
Allosinosaurus: Attack increased to 1700*.
Arambourgiania: Increased HP to 4740
Ardontosaurus: Reduced HP to 4650. Attack increased to 1050*.
Argentinosaurus: Attack increased to 1230*.
Baryonyx: Attack increased to 1270*.
Baryonyx GEN2: Attack increased to 1120*. Critical chance increased to 30%.
Blue: Attack increased to 1190. Slight HP increase to 3030. Basic Attack becomes Distraction. Pounce becomes Precise Pounce. With that last tweak, Blue becomes a more efficient counter to some of the game’s fast creatures.
Brachiosaurus: Attack increased to 1000*.
Brontotherium: Reduced speed to 107. Gained Swap in Defense.
Concavenator: Attack increased to 1080*.
Diplodocus: Speed increased to 104. Attack increased to 1300. HP increased to 6000.
Dracoceratops: Swap in Ability becomes Swap In Rampage. Attack increased to 1220.
Dracorex GEN2: Swap in Ability becomes Swap In Rampage.
Dsungaripterus: HP increased to 3750.
Einiasuchus: Slight HP increase to 3900. Basic Attack becomes Slowing Strike.
Einiosaurus: HP reduced to 4350. Basic Attack becomes Slowing Strike.
Elasmotherium: HP reduced to 4200. Attack reduced to 1100.
Erlidominus: Attack increased to 1570*.
Gallimimus: HP increased to 2400.
Geminititan: Superb attack increase to 1400*.
Gorgosaurus: Attack increased to 1700*.
Gorgosuchus: Attack increased to 1440*.
Gryposuchus: Attack increased to 1240*.
Indominus: Attack increased to 1400*.
Indoraptor: Attack increased to 1460*.
Irritator: Attack increased to 1200.
Irritator GEN2: Attack increased to 1020*.
Magnapyritor: HP reduced to 3210.
Maiasaura: Attack increased to 1050.
Marsupial Lion: HP increased to 3900. Attack increased to 1000*.
Miragaia: Exchanges Shielding Strike for Shielded Decelerating Strike. More Speed Control!
Monolometrodon: HP brought back to its former 3750. Attack increased to 1040*.
Monomimus: HP brought back to its former 2700.
Monostegotops: Monostegotops becomes a less reliable Nullification Hybrid, but a more well-rounded Jack of All Trades. HP increased to 4350. Nullifying Strike becomes Distraction. Attack increased to 1350*.
Ornithomimus: HP increased to 3000. Attack reduced to 1350.
Ophiacodon: Attack increased to 1100*.
Paramoloch: Attack increased to 1300.
Phorusrhacos: HP increased to 3600. Attack severely increased to 1500.
Procerathomimus: Attack increased to 1600*. HP increased to 3150.
Proceratosaurus: Attack increased to 1540*.
Pteranodon: Slight HP increase to 3060.
Pterovexus: Slight attack decrease to 1000. Considerable HP increase to 3750. Many complained about the change of Pterovexus’ swap ability even though it made more sense with its “genetic ancestry”. We brought back Pterovexus’ Swap in Wound!
Purussaurus: HP increased to 4500. Slight Attack increase to 1170.
Purutaurus: Attack reduced to 1000.
Pyrritator: Critical chance increased to 20%. Basic Attack becomes Distraction. Armor Piercing Impact becomes Defense Shattering Impact. Attack increased to 1430*.
Rajasaurus: Attack increased to 1090*.
Sarcorixis: Sarcorixis is rebuilt by removing its Swap in Ability. Attack increased to its former 1300. Health increased to 4200. Speed increased to 118. Armor increased to 25%. Stunning Impact becomes Stunning Strike. Ferocity Strike becomes Ferocity Impact.
Scolosaurus: HP increased to 4050. Armor increased to 30%. Attack increased to 1040*.
Secodontosaurus: Slightly reduced HP to 3240.
Sinoceratops: Attack reduced to 1320. Basic Attack becomes Slowing Strike.
Skoolasaurus: HP increased to 4440. Armor increased to 30%.
Smilodon: HP increased to 3300.
Spinonyx: HP reduced to 4050.
Spinotasuchus: Attack increased to 1380*.
Stegoceratops: Attack reduced to 1240. Basic Attack becomes Slowing Strike.
Stegodeus: Attack increased to 1100.
Stygidaryx: Significantly increased HP to 4500.
Stygimoloch: HP increased to 3150. Attack increased to 1500.
Stygimoloch GEN2: HP increased to 3150. Attack increased to 1400.
Suchotator: Attack increased to 1070*.
Tarbosaurus: Attack increased to 1700*.
Thoradolosaur: Attack increased to 1680*.
Triceratops: Strike becomes Decelerating Strike. Attack reduced to 1150. Health reduced to 4650.
Triceratops GEN2: Strike becomes Decelerating Strike. Attack reduced to 1200. Health reduced to 3990.
Trykosaurus: Attack increased to 1680*.
Tryostronix: Attack increased to 1200*.
Tyrannolophosaurus: Attack increased to 1640*.
Tyrannosaurus rex: Attack increased to 1900*.
Tyrannosaurus GEN2: Attack increased to 1800*.
Utarinex: HP increased to 3750.