Update 1.10 is a relatively tighter update we’ve managed to fit into our slate between two larger ones. Please read below for details.


- Increased Realism
- Stat Boosts 2.0
- AI Update
- Ability Updates
- Dodge Creature Updates
- Creature Updates
- Video Ads
- Geo-Location and Sanctuaries
- Bug Fixes


- Blood effects: In Update 1.10 we’re leaning into the realism of some of the more brutal aspects of Jurassic World Alive. Both in the Battle Arena and in Sanctuaries, terrifying actions will be met with bloody results!


- Revamping Stat Boosts: We spent multiple months analyzing, discussing, and debating Stat Boost since their inception. From an end-game point of view, we always wanted them to be part of the game as a fun customization element but the first iteration didn’t meet expectations. Based on all the feedback we have aggregated from the community, please follow the link to a full breakdown of the new Stat Boost changes introduced with this update:


- Starting this update, we have modified the AI to reduce the frequency of the "endless swap loop" that occurs when the player has 2 takedowns and the AI has a score of 1 or less.


Dodge: as reliable as stuns
- We asked high-level players some pointed questions regarding dodge at the end of September. A vast majority wanted the dodge chance to increase, while damage mitigation opinions were more divided.
- Following the results of the survey (and internal designer back-and-forth), we have made the following adjustments:
- Dodge's damage mitigation effects are kept as-is (a successful dodge negates 66.7% of damage received).
- Basic Dodge Chance increased from 50% to 75%, becoming as reliable as most Stun abilities.
- This change affects all dodge abilities, as you can see below.
- We will continue internal discussions (game mechanic revisions) for Evasive Stance in the future. For now, it becomes more potent than pre-1.10!

Long Dodge, Sidestep
- Dodge chance increased to 100%. Use Nullifying, Precise, or Definite Attacks to counter a Sidestep, or your damage will be reduced to 1/3rd.

Cloak, Evasive Stance, Evasive Strike, Swap in Evasion, Cautious Strike, Deliberate Prowl, Prowl, Swap in Prowl
- Dodge chance increased to 75%.


The increase to dodge chance described above means that many creatures were readjusted.

Gallimimus: Attack reduced to 1170. HP reduced to 2700.
Indoraptor: Attack reduced to 1420.
Kelenken: Attack drastically reduced to 1350. HP reduced to 2700.
Monomimus: Attack reduced to 1130.
Ornithomimus: HP reduced to 2850.
Phorusrhacos: Attack reduced to 1400. HP reduced to 2700.
Proceratomimus: Attack reduced to 1550. HP reduced to 3600.
Quetzorion: HP reduced to 3750 but gains Immune to Distraction.
Smilodon: Attack reduced to 1400. HP reduced to 3000.


Allosaurus GEN2: Critical chance increased to 30%.
Ardentismaxima: HP increased to 5700.
Carbotoceratops: Gains Immune To Damage Over Time.
Diplovenator: HP increased to 3900.
Dsungaia: HP increased to 3240.
Irritator GEN2: HP increased to 3750. Damage reduced to 1000. Ready to Crush replaced by Ferocious Strike.
Nasutoceratops: Attack increased to 1000. Basic Attack becomes Long Decelerating Strike.
Paramoloch: Gained Immune to Stuns.
Sarcosuchus: HP reduced to 3900. Attack reduced to 1000. Exploit Open Wound becomes Lethal Wound.
Stygidaryx: Gains Immune to Damage Over Time.
Thylacotator: HP decreased to 4350.
Tuoramoloch: We have heard your feedback and have buffed this superhybrid. Attack ever so slightly decreased to 1020. Gained Immune to Stuns. Impact and Run becomes Rampage and Run.


- For the battle incubator, you used to be able to watch an ad to access your reward by skipping the last 15 minutes of the timer. This mechanic has been replaced by the ability to watch up to 6 videos per day to fast forward any incubator by 15 minutes per video.


- Increase the duration of Sanctuaries shared with your Alliances. The share previously lasted 24h and will now last for 3 days.
Note that there is a limit of 100 Sanctuaries shared with an Alliance. This limit has not changed. As a reminder, once an Alliance reaches the limit of 100 shared Sanctuaries, no new Sanctuaries can be shared anymore until one of the shares expires. Now that we’ve tripled that duration, you might bump into this limit more frequently. For the majority of you, this should never be a problem since most Alliances focus on a very small number of Sanctuaries.
- Reduced the presence of “Daily” creatures (who spawn only on certain days) based on player feedback. The reduction is by about 20 to 40%, depending on the region where you play.