For our veteran players, this system lets you perform 5, 20, 50, 100, or 250 fusions at once. You need to have the required amount of DNA to perform the selected amount of fusions.
- Access restrictions: Available at User Level 14 & the hybrid must have been created beforehand.
- From the hybrid's character sheet, tap the purple Multi Fusion button to access this sub-interface.
- Select how many fusions you want to do, then hit FUSE.
- Watch the animation play once and give you the sum of all of the performed fusions.
- Note that with this feature, it is possible to go over the required amount of DNA for a Level Up.
- This lets users accumulate a large stockpile of hybrid DNA to work on that creature's superhybrid, for instance.
- If you wish to perform a level-up, go back to the character sheet using the < back button.

A Note On Inventory Quantities

- It is possible to bring your total DNA near (or up to) the DNA inventory limit while using this feature.
- The system stops performing fusions as soon as the total DNA stock goes above the DNA limit, preventing you from losing any resources in the process.
- The currency costs (DNA Type 1, DNA Type 2, and Coins required to perform the operation) that are displayed in the interface assume a full "run" of the selected amount of fusions.
- If the system stops the multi-fusion batch mid-way because the limit is reached, any fusions left to perform will not be performed, and the associated resources will not be spent.