This update is focused on Battle Features & Drone Improvements. From On Escape mechanics to new abilities to customized drone settings, these changes are aimed at enhancing the player experience.

Here’s what we’re excited to bring you in the coming update:


- New Drone Controls
- Emotes Improvement
- Campaign Mode
- GeoLoc Changes
- Sanctuary Changes
- New Active Abilities
- New Mechanics
- New Passive Abilities
- New Creatures
- Creature Updates


In the player settings, you can now access different drone control parameters.

There are three options:

- Classic: the controls you have learned to love that are currently in the game.
- Veteran: slightly slower when compared to classic, but with less drift. Allows for more precise aiming at the cost of movement speed.
- Rookie: a "slower and easier" drone that is suitable for players who are still getting used to controlling their drone. The slower response will help players dart all creatures except the fastest ones, which will tend to escape this drone's tracking speed.

To change it, go to your Player Profile, then to Settings, then tap on the “Drone Style” button. Note that drone controls settings cannot be changed during the drone session.


In 1.11, we introduced the Emotes feature in battle. However, they could only be used during the Action Phase. In order to make the feature easier to use, they will now be usable during the time in between Action Phases (except during the animation when a new creature comes into play).


- A new chapter is added to the end of the Campaign Mode. It contains 4 challenges meant to test veteran players’ battle ability.
- Extra campaign missions were added in previous chapters in order to smooth the progression of the experience.
- Players whose progression was before those new missions must play these missions linearly, in order.
- Anyone can play the missions and reap the rewards, even if their current mission progression would place them after these new missions! If this is the case, then the new missions can be played in any order.


- With the new year comes a new migration. You may notice an increase in the diversity of creatures in the world. Also, a lot of creatures that used to spawn in specific areas can now be found elsewhere. We encourage you all to share your observations!
- Perceptive DPG observers will notice that there are no more Epic creatures spawning on specific days of the week.
- Finally, a lot of Common creatures now move at a slightly lower speed, especially at the start of the drone session. After extracting enough DNA, the creature will return to its usual (faster) speed. This is to help new players learn to pilot the drone and have an easier experience. Experienced players will also benefit from this change on their first few darts. You may notice that you will collect more DNA from common creatures.


- Definite Shield Advantage: Remove Cloak, Dodge and Shields. Gain Shields 50% for 1 turn. Attack 1.5x, bypassing armor. Cooldown: 1
- Note: this ability has been added to the list of Defense Shattering abilities for the purposes of Campaign Mode restrictions.


The Jurassic World Alive metagame is revamped with the addition of the On Escape mechanic. Creatures that leave the field are no longer guaranteed to be safe if their opponents have On Escape abilities!

On Escape (ability when opponent creature leaves)

An On Escape Ability is an ability that triggers when the opponent creature attempts to leave the battlefield. This means that a creature is no longer safe when it swaps out, should its opponent have an offensive On Escape Ability!

- Anything that should happen before the swap out happens as usual (such as the “hit” in Hit and Run).
- Creature declares that it leaves (such as with an "And Run" ability, or using the Manual Swap option)
- If the opponent creature with On Escape is not Stunned or Taken Out, its On Escape is triggered: the associated ability is used.
- If the opponent creature survives the On Escape ability, it leaves and the new one comes in.

Some other cases may happen:
- When a creature uses a hit and run ability, it can only run if it is not dead.
- A Stun does not prevent a creature from leaving.
- A creature that was attempting to leave using a Manual Swap will still make the manual swap happen, regardless of death status.
- A counter attacker that leaves can still counter attack (if the opponent deals damage with their On Escape ability).

Last but not least, please be aware that the turn will play until the end no matter what happens.


- On Escape Evasive Strike: When the opponent leaves, gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of damage for 1 turn. Attack 1x.
- On Escape Heal: When the opponent leaves, Cleanse self and Heal 50% of Max HP.
- On Escape Rampage: When the opponent leaves, Attack 2x.
- On Escape Dust Cloud: When the opponent leaves, gain +50% damage 2 turns and become Invincible 1 turn.
- No Escape: When the opponent leaves, it is Swap Prevented 1 turn.
- This is particularly interesting against a manual swap since a manual swap forces the opponent to lose their turn by performing an action that fails!
- Note: this ability has been added to the list of Swap Preventing abilities for the purposes of Campaign Mode restrictions
- Venomous Counter: When surviving direct damage, the target is Swap Prevented and has damage reduced -50% 1 turn.
- Wounding Counter: When surviving direct damage, target receives 33% Damage Over Time for 1 turn.
- Note: this ability has been added to the list of Damage Over Time abilities for the purposes of Campaign Mode restrictions.


- Titanoboa
- Titanoboa GEN2
- Megalogaïa
- Entelomoth
- Dilophoboa
- Spinoconstrictor


In the second week of December, we sent out a survey regarding multiple creatures, abilities, and even core game mechanics.

The majority of answers revolved around keeping things as they are. Exclusively or including this option among other potential changes.

In light of these results:
- Procerathomimus, Cautious Strike, and Dracoceratops will not receive any particular tweaks at the moment.
- Regarding speed ties, we were happy to confirm that the majority of users preferred the current method.
- We believe that this means that users can still choose to try to go first or choose to try to go last by tapping quickly or waiting until the last second (and therefore have some agency in resolving ties).
- Therefore, the speed tie mechanic will remain "fastest input wins".
- Ardentismaxima will receive changes. The plethora of options that were given to users means that we did not get a clear-cut tendency towards one solution or another.
- People want a way to bypass dodges: Max will gain the Anti Tank build, with Instant Invincibility as the defensive ability.


- Ardentismaxima: Abilities become Definite Strike, Decelerating Impact, Defense Shattering Rampage, and Instant Invincibility. Its basic attack allows it to bypass dodges whenever it's needed, while also wholly removing the upcoming extra damage given by cloaks.
- Geminititan: Mini's defensive ability is now one that can be used more often, but that has a shorter duration as well. Replaced Long Protection with Definite Shield Advantage.
- Gryposuchus: Gains No Escape
- Grypolith: Gains No Escape
- Purrolyth: Gains No Escape
- Purussaurus: Gains No Escape
- Purussaurus GEN2: Gains No Escape
- Purutaurus: Gains No Escape
- Sarcosuchus: Gains No Escape
- Sarcorixis: Gains No Escape
- Smilonemys: Smilonemys gains Immune to Deceleration. Impact and Run becomes Rampage and Run. Long Defense Strike becomes Shielded Decelerating Strike.
- Stygidaryx: Gains No Escape