Hello fellow DPG members,

This update is focused on Tournament changes, Alliance Championships & Alliance Roles. From Distracting Shield mechanics to various ability updates, these changes are aimed at enhancing the player experience.

Here’s what we’re excited to bring you in the coming update. For full details please feel free the review the complete Release Notes over at our Forums:


- Changes to Tournaments
- Alliance Championships (this will have a separate FAQ article)
- Alliance Roles (this will have a separate FAQ article)
- New Active Abilities
- New Passive Abilities
- New Creatures
- Ability Updates
- Creature Updates
- Misc.
- Bug Fixes & Known Issues


- We heard player feedback about Tournaments and how harsh they can be for new players who get thrown into the pit and defeated by experienced players. This release brings 2 changes which we believe will mitigate this experience:


- Starting in 1.13, new players will need to reach Arena #5 (Badlands) before being able to participate in Tournaments. Once unlocked, Tournaments will remain accessible even if they drop to Arena #4 or below.
- Existing players (who played in 1.12 or before) will not have this new lock: we didn’t want to suddenly block players if they had access before.

Entry medals

- To avoid matching experienced players with new players, we will give starting medals to all players who join a Tournament based on the current Arena they are in.
- Entry Medals are given when players register for the Tournament, but they must complete at least 1 battle for their score to be registered in the Tournament Leaderboard (and for player contribution to be counted in the upcoming Alliance Championships described below)
- We balanced these numbers with 2 objectives in mind:
- Avoid matching players who are in vastly different arenas, so that matches are more fair for everyone.
- Make sure these numbers aren’t so big at higher arenas that we’re rewarding too many medals to advanced players.
- In the following weeks, we will monitor how these Entry Medals are affecting the balance of the game and the matchmaking system and will adjust, if needed.

High Score

- Players will now be ranked in the Tournament Leaderboard based on their High Score. The rewards of each Tournament will still be based on their rank in the Leaderboard at the end of the Tournament.
- We hope this will encourage players to continue playing to increase their final score, even if they encounter a losing streak.

Free entry in Tournaments

- Players might have noticed that we recently started to have Tournaments with no cost of entry. We plan to continue this trend. We believe this will allow more players to attempt Tournaments and see how far they can progress.


- DISTRACTING SHIELD: Reduce your opponent’s damage by 50% for 2 turns. 50% Shields for 2 turns. Attack 1x. Cooldown: 2.
- Editor’s note: This ability has been added to the list of abilities that distract and to the list of shields for the purpose of Campaign Mode restrictions.

- SUPERIORITY IMPACT: Cleanse distraction. Reduce opponent’s speed by 50% for 1 turn. Attack 1.5x. Cooldown: 1.
- Editor’s note: This ability has been added to the list of superiority abilities for the purpose of Campaign Mode restrictions.


- IMMUNE TO VULNERABLE: This creature cannot be inflicted with vulnerable status.


- Archaeotherium
- Eucladoceros
- Meiolania
- Keratoporcus
- Mammolania
- Testacornibus


- CAUTIOUS STRIKE: No longer cleanses.
- DAMAGE OVER TIME 33%: Abilities that dealt 33% Damage over Time (such as Lethal Wound) now deal 33.4% in order to ensure that on the third turn the affected creature is taken out (instead of having a few hit points left). This also improves the Spinoconstrictor VS Indoraptor GEN2 match up.
- SUPERIOR VULNERABILITY: Works for the next turn only, not the current turn. Note that a Vulnerability duration counts down at the end of next turn (regardless of who has the initiative/priority).


- IMMUNE TO VULNERABLE: The following creatures become Immune to Vulnerable. Creature attributes were tweaked to reflect this change, please refer to Attribute Balancing, below.
- Amargocephalus
- Ankylosaurus
- Ankylosaurus GEN2
- Ankyntrosaurus
- Carbonemys
- Carbotoceratops
- Euoplocephalus
- Nodosaurus
- Scolosaurus
- Tragodistis


The ongoing transformation of balancing in the battle arena should improve the battle experience. It’s important to us that the transition is as smooth as it is advantageous to the game. With this in mind the following creatures have received some attribute modifications.

Alloraptor: 1250 Attack.
Allosaurus GEN2: 1750 Attack.
Amargocephalus: Basic attack becomes Superior Vulnerability. 900 Attack.
Ankylosaurus GEN2: Basic attack becomes Superior Vulnerability. 810 Attack.
Ankylosaurus: Basic attack becomes Superior Vulnerability. 850 Attack. 4050 Health.
Ardentismaxima: 5400 Health.
Bajadasaurus: 4560 Health.
Bajatonodon: 5400 Health.
Carbonemys: 3540 Health.
Carbotoceratops: 3090 Health.
Dilophoboa: 1000 Attack. 3300 Health.
Dracoceratops: 1300 Attack.
Dracorex GEN2: 1300 Attack.
Dsungaia: 1250 Attack.
Entelomoth: 1450 Attack.
Euoplocephalus: Basic attack becomes Superior Vulnerability. 850 Attack.
Keleken: 1230 Attack.
Mammotherium: 1420 Attack.
Megaloceros: 4200 Health.
Megalogaia: 1110 Attack.
Megalosaurus: Counter Attack becomes Decelerating Counter Attack. 1000 Attack.
Monolorhino: 3750 Health.
Nodosaurus: Basic attack becomes Superior Vulnerability. 920 Attack.
Phorusaura: 1400 Attack.
Pteraquetzal: 3900 Health.
Quetzorion: 1520 Attack.
Scaphotator: 1100 Attack.
Scolosaurus: Basic attack becomes Superior Vulnerability. Rampage becomes Impact.
Smilocephalosaurus: 1400 Attack. 3600 Health.
Smilonemys: 1100 Attack.
Spinoconstrictor: 1000 Attack.
Spinosaurus GEN2: Rampage becomes Defense Shattering Rampage.
Thylacotator: 4050 Health.
Titanoboa GEN2: 1000 Attack.
Tragodistis: Basic attack becomes Superior Vulnerability. 850 Attack. 3900 Health.
Woolly Mammoth: 4200 Health.
Woolly Rhinoceros: 1000 Attack. 4410 Health.


- Alliance Improvement: When a player joins an Alliance after being invited directly, the welcome message in the chat will now display the name of the person who invited the player, when possible. It should be noted that it isn’t displayed when a player requests to join and is then accepted by an Alliance member.