Hello fellow DPG members,

Given the current situation with COVID-19, all of our games will continue to be supported and will remain available and operational for our players. Ludia takes the safety, health, and protection of its employees and communities very seriously, and we have been adjusting game events when possible. In Jurassic World Alive, we have made the following changes:

- The Giga Scent has been added, which is found in your daily free Incubator. These scents can be activated for 3 hours of gameplay right from the comfort of your home.
- We have introduced the Pile of Darts offer that you will find in the in-game store. This offer can be purchased up to 4 times per day.
- The team has increased the Radius range to hunt for creatures further away as well as access Events and Supply Drops. Non-VIP members get 200 meters, VIP members get 266 meters.
- The Treasure Chase returns! Treasure Chase events will only be spawning on weekends and when spawning they will surround your map and replace the day's events until collected (rarely without leaving the comfort of your own home). Once collected, the rest of the day's events will start appearing. Please note these modified Chases can only be collected once per day. This also means the weekly Incubator gift we were sending on Saturdays to replace the events will no longer be sent out.

Happy playing and stay safe!