Hello fellow DPG members,

This update is focused on bringing to you the Paleozoic era. We’re taking you to the Permian period when Inostrancevia, Arctops, Moschops and Scutosaurus roamed free on the Earth. We’re also introducing the new Revenge Ability.

Here’s what’s exciting in the update:


- New Creatures
- New Mechanics
- Active Abilities
- New Passive Abilities
- Ability Updates
- Creature Updates
- Misc.
- Bug Fixes & Known Issues


- Inostrancevia
- Arctops
- Moschops
- Scutosaurus
- Entelochops
- Majundaboa
- Grylenken


- Revenge abilities have some mechanical differences based on whether you lost a creature last turn or not. The first part is used when the ability is played, but if you lost a creature last turn the second part is used instead.
- When your creature is taken out, it will be to your advantage if you replace it with a revenge creature. That creature’s abilities will be different (i.e. improved) on the first action.


- Revenge Decelerating Impact
- Revenge Shattering Rampage
- Revenge Distracting Strike
- Revenge Distracting Impact
- Revenge Impact
- Revenge Protection
- Revenge Rampage


- Simple Rending Counter Attack
- Raking Counter Attack


- Definite Rampage: Cooldown is now 2 turns
- Rending Damage: Similar to last update’s Damage Over Time tweak, effects that dealt 33% rend damage will now deal 34%. This change affects Greater Rending Counter Attack and Minor Rending Attack.


- Brontolasmus: Definite Rampage now becomes Definite Impact.
- Brontotherium: Attack has increased to 1200. Definite Rampage now becomes Definite Impact.
- Elasmotherium: Attack has increased to 1500, HP to 3900. Definite Rampage now becomes Definite Impact.
- Proceratosaurus: Slowing Impact now becomes Nullifying Impact. Basic Attack now also becomes Distraction. Attack is reduced to 1450.
- Scolosaurus: Attack reduced to 1000.


- The End Screen of Tournament battles will now display your personal Alliance Point Contribution instead of your Alliance’s total score.
- As a reminder, we recently changed the way Alliances’ scores are counted. We now count only the 50 best contributions. For most Alliances, this has no impact. It was done to limit a possible exploit. See our forum post on this topic for more information.


There are about 100 bugs fixed in this release. Here are the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

- Players can no longer report Usernames in Alliance Championships
- Alliance Championship leaderboard does not scroll past 100 guilds
- Dracorex GEN2 not eligible in a specific Campaign
- Ability selection round starts before creatures’ swap in abilities are complete
- Top players 100-200 are missing from PvP Leaderboards

Known Issues

- Icons and buttons are all displayed on screen after a drone session or opening incubators
- Expired DNA Donation Requests Remain in Alliance Chat
- Trophy counts are innacurate in Profile and friends list
- Players belonging to an alliance and attempting to collect AP bonus sometimes gives player error message to join alliance
- Shadowy figure of the creature is seen in the VFX when fusing DNA for 1.13 creatures

These issues are still being invested to be fixed!