Raid invite: offline players

You can now invite any friend or alliance mate to join you in your Raid even if they are offline! Offline players will receive a push notification on their device that will alert them to join you in a raid.

You will need to make sure you have activated notifications in your device settings to receive Raid invites while offline. Should you no longer want to receive Raid invite notifications, you can simply disable them in the game’s Settings.

To avoid spamming, the game will only send a notification to your friends’ phone once per 30 minute period. You can still invite them more frequently than that, but the game won’t send additional notifications on their device during this period if they are not in the game. They can open the game and see the invite banner while on the Map or in their friend list.

Note: The notifications will only appear in English for the time being. This known issue will be fixed at a later date.



Craft a well-honed team with your friends and Alliance-mates to defeat ultra-powerful Raid Bosses! Each Boss is different, so make sure you analyze your foes well before engaging. Ensure you have the best creatures with the most efficient abilities to increase your chances to defeat them!

As this is no easy task, DPG members are required to go through a proper training before facing these merciless creatures. You must complete Chapter-5 in the Campaign mode to unlock Raids!


Raid Bosses will be roaming freely in your neighborhood and you can locate them directly from your Map. Once you’re within range, tap on it to create a Raid lobby, then invite your friends and Alliance-mates to join. Please note players don’t always need to be in your vicinity to join your Lobby.

Raid Bosses remain on the Map for 24-hours and do not disappear after being defeated. They can be challenged again immediately! Bosses will change and reposition every morning at dawn (based on your local time and position). You will recognize this pattern to be similar to creatures that only spawn on specific days (such as the Triceratops, which only spawns on Sundays). Raid Bosses follow the same logic, the difference is that they stay at the same location for 24-hours (from dawn to dawn the next day), unlike normal creatures that stay only for a few minutes before moving.

For this reason, it’s possible to be invited by a friend to a Raid Boss from another time zone that is not currently available to you at your location. Doing so will count toward your reward limit for that Boss for the week so you won’t gain extra DNA or reward for the week. You can use this trick to fight a Raid Boss that you might have missed that day, by asking a friend or Alliance-mate from another timezone to invite you to a Raid with that Boss.


The 4 Bosses available in 2.0 will only appear on the Map Monday through Thursday. This allows players to concentrate on Tournaments Friday to Sunday.

In the future we hope to add a wider variety of Bosses.

This calendar list is available in a popup, accessible from the Raid Boss fly-by on the Map.


Players can face off against Epic, Legendary, Unique, and Apex Bosses.

These all give the appropriate “ingredient DNA” to help build a player-viable version of each Boss.

- Epic, Legendary and Unique Bosses provide DNA to already existing creatures in the game.
- Once enough DNA has been collected, a playable version of any Boss creature (including Apex) can be created in the Lab! Boss-specific DNA awarded for defeating a Boss can be obtained once per-day. Apex Bosses are the toughest and most dangerous adversaries!


Any player that participated in the Raid wins as long as the Boss is taken out while at least 1 teammate creature is still alive. Defeating Minions is not mandatory!

You get better rewards the first time you defeat a Raid Boss in a week. You can preview which incubator you will receive before doing the Raid, either from the Map or from the Raid Lobby (by tapping the info button in the top right).