Superiority Strike was an ability that very successfully communicated the role of resilient creatures to counter cunning ones. We have developed abilities that help to “typecast” creatures into certain roles. Over 80 creatures have had their basic attacks updated to Cunning, Resilient or Fierce strike.


- Cunning Strike
- Cunning Impact
- Cunning Rampage
- Resilient Strike
- Resilient Impact
- Resilient Rampage
- Fierce Strike
- Fierce Impact
- Fierce Rampage
- Revenge Cloak
- Crafty Strike
- Fearless Flap
- Roar/Tail Swipe


Please note this list is only a brief glimpse of some new abilities. Almost every pre-existing ability has also undergone some change with this update.

- Regeneration, Regenerate and Run:Now heals for 1.5x of the creature’s Attack attribute instead of 50% max HP.
- Adrenaline Pulse, Adrenaline Surge, Dig In, Swap in Heal: Now heals for 1x of the creature’s Attack attribute instead of 25% max HP.
- Mutual Fury: All creatures on the controlling player’s team get the Speed & Damage buffs for 2 turns; all opponents get the Damage buff for 1 turn. Use this wisely!
- Instant Distraction: Reduces damage by -100%.
- Devastation: Also taunts for 1 turn.
- Shielded Decelerating Strike, Superiority Strike, Superior Vulnerability, Superiority Impact: These abilities now attack precisely.