The wait is finally over! Update 2.0 is here and it is massive! This article will link to the official Forum Release Notes but due to the size of the update, multiple facets will also be broken down in different FAQ articles which are linked below. Please find everything new and improved below and we hope you enjoy this major overhaul update!


A new type of creature is here! Apex creatures are beginning to inhabit Jurassic World Alive. These creatures are larger than most other rarities, and they use their size to assert dominance over the Map. It’s up to members of the DPG to team up and learn more about Apex creatures by meeting them in Raid battles.

Here’s what you need to know about Apex creatures:

- They have an even greater potential power than that of the game’s current rarities.
- They are threatening adversaries! Only the bravest and most advanced DPG teams are equipped to defeat them.
- Apex DNA can only be collected by defeating an Apex Boss in a Raid.

The playable version of Apex creatures is balanced: it will not have as much HP as its Raid Boss form!


Some changes have been made to the creature distribution. Certain creatures will only be available through exclusive events and battles, rather than through standard gameplay.

Exclusive Events will include: Seasonal PVP, Tournaments & Alliance Championships and Thematic events.

(Examples of thematic events: Event Supply Drops, Strike Events, Special Geolocation Spawns, Daily Rewards, Alliance Missions, Special Incubators).

Event exclusive creatures will not be available in standard geolocation, battle incubators via PVP, and generic Rare, Epic, Premium Market Incubators.

Battle exclusive creatures are available through standard gameplay, but only in Battle Incubators won in PVP battles and generic Market Incubators. They will not be available on the Map.

We’ve listed the creature availabilities below.

- Creatures becoming Event Exclusives (these creatures will become available only during special events): Dilophosaurus, Dracorex, Kelenken, Quetzalcoatlus, Tenontosaurus, Wuerhosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Woolly Rhinoceros
- Creatures going back into the standard game (these creatures were originally available through special events only. They will become available in the regular gameplay.): Brontotherium, Scolosaurus, Megaloceros, Woolly Mammoth
- Creatures remaining Event Exclusives (These creatures will remain available through special events.): Dsungaripterus, Nasutoceratops, Allosaurus GEN2, Blue, Diplodocus, Titanoboa
- Creatures becoming Battle Exclusives (These creatures will not be available on the Map.): Brontotherium, Dimorphodon, Sarcosuchus, Suchomimus, Charlie, Marsupial Lion, Ornithomimus, Scaphognathus, Baryonyx, Maiasaura, Scutosaurus
- Creatures removed from Battle Exclusivity (these creatures will now be available on the Map.): Gallimimus, Miragaia, Stygimoloch GEN2, Arambourgiania, Baryonyx GEN2, Irritator, Proceratosaurus, Purussaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Stygimoloch
- Creatures remaining Battle Exclusive (this creature will remain available only in battle incubators): Alanqa


You can find more details on Raids Here:

[2.0] What are Raids?
[2.0] How do Raid Battles work?


A ton of Battle Mechanics have been overhauled with this update. You can find a breakdown of them here:

[2.0] Update 2.0 Battle Mechanics


With Co-Op mode comes Ability Targeting! You can find more details on this new mechanic here:

[2.0] What is Ability Targeting?


With a plethora of creature and ability changes that come to JWA 2.0, each creature’s Stat Boosts will be refunded to the owning player’s pool of Stat Boost Points (SBPs).

Tip: Before applying all your SBPs back, take the time to observe how each creature has been updated. Take the time to look at Raids and consider if you should customize a couple of Raid-specific creatures.


Almost every ability has undergone some form of change with this update. You can find more details on the new abilities and core ability updates here:

[2.0] Update 2.0 Ability Changes


Almost every single Creature has undergone some form of change with this update. You can either review the full comprehensive list on our Forums (available in English only) or we’ve broken them down with FAQ articles separated by starting Creature letter:

[2.0] Update 2.0 Creature Changes: A to C


- Deinonychus | Common Regular
- Haast Eagle GEN2 | Rare Regular
- Edaphosaurus | Epic Regular
- Haast Eagle | Epic Regular
- Edaphocevia | Legendary Hybrid
- Dracoceratosaurus | Unique Superhybrid
- Mortem Rex | Apex Boss


Over 500 pesky bugs have been squashed for 2.0! Here are a few of the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

Players with multiple accounts can no longer steal slots in a sanctuary of an alliance that they don’t belong to in order to gain DNA.
An interrupt while in a battle will no longer cause the creatures’ HP to be mismatched between devices.
There is no longer a shadowy figure of a creature in the VFX when you are fusing DNA
Superior Vulnerability Iconography is no longer misleading. It is used for Distraction and not Cleanse.


Don’t worry, these issues are still being investigated to be fixed!

- Under certain conditions, a chosen creature may not load in the Raid lobby after it has been selected.
- Some devices may softlock inside battle after accepting a friendly challenge and raise a socket exception.
Some players may encounter corruption in their account during battle that could block them from having more than 1 creature in their PVP team.
- Sold out big offers are not removed from the Market if there are multiple big offers.
- Offers in the shop that have a purchase limit may not show in the shop on Apple devices.
- During a Raid, a match is triggered as a loss when specific devices go into sleep mode during gameplay.
- Some Trophy counts are inaccurate in Profile and friends lists.
- When participating in an Alliance Championship, players that belong to an alliance that attempt collecting Alliance Points bonuses could receive an error message when trying to join an alliance.
- Some players cannot place creatures in Sanctuaries after using them in other contexts.
- Expired DNA donation requests remain in Alliance chat.
- Inside the Raids, Initiative Track HP bars update before creatures’ HP bars.
- AOE Shattering Impact doesn’t remove taunts
- There is no distinct localization for Group Decelerating Strike/Impact/Rampage. They currently point to Lesser, normal and Greater Thagomizer.
- The fix will provide a total of 6 distinct abilities. Thagomizers will only be used on the appropriate stegosauridae.