It’s update time! We’d like to introduce you to new Raids, some Raid improvements, new creatures from the Americas, and overall, a fresh Jurassic World Alive experience. Are you intrigued by what we’ve got in store for you? Read on for more details!

What’s new in Update 2.1:

- New Raids
- Raids Improvements: Overview
- Class System
- Monthly Migrations
- Where to Find Creatures
- New Abilities
- Ability Updates
- Creature Updates
- New Creatures
- Bug Fixes & Known Issues



Tyrannosaurus, Pyrritator and Grypolyth make a comeback as playable Raid Bosses!

A new Apex hadrosauridae creature makes its debut in the Jurassic World: Hadros Lux! This creature is truly a wonder to behold, but don’t stare for too long or you’ll be caught!

This updated schedule will be introduced into the game with the new creatures as of the following dates below:

Mondays: Grypolyth
Tuesdays: Hadros Lux
Wednesdays: Pyrritator
Thursdays: Tyrannosaurus Rex



2.1 introduces some further quality of life upgrades to our Raids feature introduced in the 2.0 release.

Boss HP display

- The Boss’ tooltip now shows this round’s and its maximum HP. The top HP bar displays this round’s HP total.

Raid Vote abort

- Players can opt to abandon a match, resulting in an automatic defeat.
-- The voting lasts for a short duration.
-- The vote passes as long as the majority of voting players accept.
-- The initiator of the vote automatically votes yes.
-- If the vote fails, the initiator of the vote has a short cooldown of 60 seconds (to avoid spamming votes all the time).
-- Only those who cast a vote will count (in order to determine a majority).


- One player votes to abort the match. That player automatically votes yes. One other player votes yes, while two others vote no. 50/50 means that the “yes” did not win a majority, so the match continues.
- One player votes to abort the match. That player automatically votes yes. Nobody else casts a vote. At the end of the timer, 100% of voters wanted the match to end, so the match ended.

Raid Defeat: Retry

- When a match ends in a defeat, you can tap either “quit” or “retry”. If you tap retry, all players who tapped retry within the time limit will come back to the same lobby at the same original geolocalized position as the raid that just ended. This alleviates the need to find a raid boss on the map, start a lobby, invite and accept.
-- The retry option can be selected as long as you can find and launch the raid boss .
-- While you are still in the result screen, you can see who has chosen retry and who has chosen quit ✓/X.

Auto-select last creature

- If you replay a raid in which you have already participated:
- You can tap the (+) sign and the last selected creature for that raid will be auto-selected (as long as the creature restrictions have not changed since the last time you played that raid).

Raid invite: offline players

You can now invite any friend or alliance mate to join you in your Raid even if they are offline! Offline players will receive a push notification on their device that will alert them to join you in a raid.

You will need to make sure you have activated notifications in your device settings to receive Raid invites while offline. Should you no longer want to receive Raid invite notifications, you can simply disable them in the game’s Settings.

To avoid spamming, the game will only send a notification to your friends’ phone once per 30 minute period. You can still invite them more frequently than that, but the game won’t send additional notifications on their device during this period if they are not in the game. They can open the game and see the invite banner while on the Map or in their friend list.

Note: The notifications will only appear in English for the time being. This known issue will be fixed at a later date.



- In order to help newcomers navigate through the game, we have added visual elements to help easily identify a creature’s class (Cunning, Resilient, Fierce, Wild Card and the dual-class hybrid variants: Cunning + Fierce, Resilient + Cunning and Fierce + Resilient).
- This doesn’t change the combat in any way: it’s just a system to emphasize a creature’s identity at a glance.


- You can now filter creatures in your collection by class; this gives you the ability to hide or show certain classes of creatures while still being able to sort by other categories.
- Filtering is inclusive instead of exclusive. For instance, if you select to display only Cunning, you will see Cunning, Cunning & Resilient and Fierce & Cunning creatures.
- If none or all are selected, the behavior is the same: all classes will be displayed.
- Note that (by design) filtering is reset if you move from one context to another “loading screen” context (such as drones or battles–or restarting the game!) This prevents you from losing sight of your creatures.

Character sheet

- You can see a creature’s class on the left side of its character sheet (on the mirrored side of the AR button).


- Players can see their own and the opponent’s class icon in the creature popup. Class info is also available when a creature is deployed and when you open your swap tray.

Revisit Creature Cards

- In order to have the class system icons fit the top right of a creature card, we had to flip some of the images.



- We’re introducing monthly migrations to the game! A migration will occur every first Monday of the month. Creatures that currently appear in certain zones will now move to a different zone.
-- For example, if you normally encounter Majungasaurus near your home, it will now move to a new zone on the first Monday of the month. This cycle rotates every 4 months, meaning that the Majungasaurus will return to the first zone you noticed it in in 4 months. If a creature that you desire has migrated to another zone, you can still obtain it by exploring different zones or waiting for it to return.
- This rotation gives you the chance to obtain creatures you haven’t caught yet or have had trouble to catch! With this feature, we want to allow you to continue to stay safe in light of Covid-19 and still have a variety of creatures to encounter. This will also give players enough time to level up the creature before the next migration occurs. We’ve also heard some feedback from players who believed some zones were more desirable than others, so we are now moving them around to make it an even playing field for everybody!
-- Note: You might have noticed the first of these migrations having occurred on September 7th. We wanted to make sure all players knew about it and to clarify certain points by repeating this announcement in the release notes.



The Character Sheet of each creature will now include a section about where you can obtain certain creatures’ DNA. This new section will display the following subsections when appropriate:

- Map: It will specify all possible areas. For example: parks, neighborhoods, etc. As well as specific days if necessary.
- Battle: It will specify which PvP arenas they will be in.
- Raids: It will specify which Raid as well as the specific days they occur.
- Live Events: For creatures that are not obtainable normally and can only be obtained through the event calendar (ex: in Strike Towers or under Events Supply Drops)



- Camouflage
- Evasive Impact



Localization tweaks

- In case you missed it, the Thagomizer abilities were renamed after 2.0 launched.
-- Lesser Thagomizer becomes Group Decelerating Strike.
-- Thagomizer becomes Group Decelerating Impact.
-- Greater Thagomizer becomes Group Decelerating Rampage.

Ability Effect Duration Modifications

- Bellow
- Defensive Stance
- Defensive Stance Taunt
- Dig In
- Dig In Taunt
- Instant Invincibility
- Instant Invincibility Taunt abilities
- Power Dig In
- Primal Dig In
- Prowl
- Sidestep
- Swap in Invincibility
- Taunting Bellow

- These duration changes were made to certain abilities in the 2.0+ update.
-- To add to 2.0+‘s list of abilities, we are also adding Sidestep, Prowl, both Defensive Stances, both Bellows (including Raid Boss’) and both Dig Ins (including Raid Boss’) to the list of affected abilities.

- Bellow: Protects against 4 attacks instead of 1. As per changes above, the Shield lasts for this turn.
- Definite Shield Advantage: Damage increased to 2x.
- Defense Shattering Rampage Taunt: Cooldown: 2.
- Group Distraction: Priority. Opponent team: -50% damage for 3 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Cooldown: 2.
- Group Invincibility: Group Invincibility works this turn and next turn. This means that at the end of next turn, the duration will have expired. The localization has been updated to represent this change.
- Group Superiority: The name already implies that the whole group will benefit from the cleanse. Iconography tweak: we are changing the AOE targeting icon to a fastest targeting icon to better represent the attack component of this ability.



- ALLOSAURUS GEN2: HP 5100 to 4500.
- ARCTOPS: Attack 1350 to 1400.
- ARDENTISMAXIMA: Speed 108 to 109. HP 6000 to 5400. Armor 15% to 0%. Attack 1300 to 1200. Resistances: Stun, Swap Prevention, Taunt (was 67%), Vulnerability (was 50%) and Deceleration resistances are now 100%. Critical chance reduction 50%. Distraction resistance decreased from 75% to 0%; use your resilient ability to remove the Distraction!
- ARDONTOSAURUS: Received tweaks to further cement its “slightly more Fierce than Resilient” identity. Reduced distraction resistance from 75% to 50%. Gained 50% Vulnerability resistance.
- BLUE: Blue confirms its identity as a Cunning creature through the following changes: Short Defense becomes Evasive Impact. HP 3000 to 2400. Armor 10% to 0%. Distraction resistance 0% to 100%.
- DILOPHOBOA: HP 3300 to 3600.
- DIPLOCAULUS GEN2: HP 3750 to 3900.
- DIPLOVENATOR: HP 3900 to 4050.
- DRACOCERATOPS: HP 3300 to 3600.
- ECHO: Damage 1300 to 1400.
- EINIASUCHUS: HP 3000 to 3600.
- ENTELODON: Attack 1000 to 1100.
- ENTELOMOTH: HP 3300 to 3900.
- ERLIDOMINUS: HP 3000 to 3300.
- GEMINITITAN: Distraction resistance 75% to 50%.
- GORGOSAURUS: HP 4200 to 4500. Vulnerability resistance 0% to 100%. Deceleration resistance 0% to 100%
- GRYPOLYTH: Basic attack returns to its pre-2.0 defense shattering effects: Group Cleansing Strike becomes Fierce Strike. Attack increased from 1000 to 1100, which is incidentally more than 1/4 of its HP. During PVP this means that the Greater Emergency Heal will indeed heal for more than half of its max HP (as per pre-2.0 regeneration abilities). Mileage may vary based on boosts.
- HAAST EAGLE GEN2: Attack 1000 to 1150.
- HAAST EAGLE: HP 2400 to 2700.
- INDORAPTOR GEN2: Attack 1400 to 1450.
- INDORAPTOR: HP 3900 to 4200.
- KELENKEN: Attack 1500 to 1700.
- KOOLABOURGIANA: Attack 1200 to 1000.
- KOOLASUCHUS: With the changes to Group Distraction, Koolasuchus had to be rebalanced. HP 4500 to 3900.
- MAGNAPYRITOR: Defense Shattering Rampage changed to Fierce Rampage.
- MEGALOCEROS: HP 3000 to 3450.
- MONOMIMUS: HP 3600 to 3900. Attack 1400 to 1450.
- NODOPATOSAURUS: Taunting Impact becomes Taunting Rampage. Loses Counter Attack 50%. Armor 25% to 30%. HP 4500 to 4800. Distraction resistance 0% to 50%. Vulnerability resistance 0% to 50%. Deceleration resistance 0% to 50%
- ORNITHOMIMUS: HP 2700 to 3000.
- PHORUSRHACOS: Attack 1500 to 1600.
- PROCERATHOMIMUS: HP 2400 to 2850.
- PYRORAPTOR: HP 2850 to 3300.
- QUETZORION: HP 3900 to 4200.
- SKOOLASAURUS: With the changes to Group Distraction, Skoolasaurus had to be rebalanced. HP 4800 to 4500. Attack 1200 to 1000.
- SMILODON: Attack 1400 to 1500.
- SMILONEMYS: Attack 1000 to 1100.
- TRICERATOPS: Attack 900 to 1000.
- TRYKOSAURUS: Medium Resilient Counter Attack becomes Medium Counter Attack. Attack increased from 1550 to 1600.
- TUOJIANGOSAURUS: HP 3900 to 3600. Attack 950 to 1000. Speed 106 to 105.



- Eremotherium (Common Regular)
- Doedicurus (Rare Regular)
- Sonorasaurus (Epic Regular)
- Inostherium (Rare Hybrid)
- Poukaidei (Legendary Hybrid)
- Entelolania (Unique Superhybrid)
- Hadros Lux (Apex Boss)