Please note that as of version update 2.2, Jurassic World Alive's minimum supported iOS version is now iOS 11.

The following iOS devices support iOS 11 and up:

- iPhone 5s and up
- iPad 5th generation and up
- iPad mini 2 and up
- iPod touch 6th generation and up

While we continue to focus on optimizing and developing new features for the game, we highly encourage all our players to update their operating system or log into their game on a supported device so they can continue playing the game.

If you are playing on a Guest account that is saved on an unsupported device, we can offer you an account progress transfer over to an account on a supported device. Please first create a Guest account on a supported device, complete the in-game tutorial and then note the Support Key for this new account. Please also note the Support Key for your main account as well.

The Support Key is the 8 letter generated code that appears at the bottom of your in-game Profile settings or at the bottom of the main Splashscreen.

Once noted, you can email our support team at or use the "Contact Us" form available on our FAQ to create a ticket and request an account progress transfer from your main account over to the new account that was created on the supported iOS device.