Hooray for updates! In this version we’re introducing more new Raid Bosses, along with an updated Raid schedule, new creatures, and overall, a fresher Jurassic World Alive experience. If you’re as excited as we are, read on for more details!

You can find full details here on our Forums: https://forum.ludia.com/t/release-notes-jurassic-world-alive-update-2-3/159296/1

What’s new in Update 2.3:

- New Raid Bosses
- Updated Raid Schedule
- Top Arena Matchmaking
- Improved Geolocation
- Dynamic PVP Tips
- New Abilities
- New Creatures
- Creature Updates


- Erlikogamma, Indominus Rex and Stygidaryx join the rotation of weekly Raid Bosses!
- Get ready to take on Gorgotrebax, the new Apex creature to make its debut in the Jurassic World!

This updated schedule will be introduced into the game with the new creatures as of the following dates below:

- Wednesday December 9th | Erlikogamma
- Tuesday December 15th | Stygidaryx
- Monday December 21st | Gorgotrebax
- Monday January 11th | Indominus Rex




- Sinoceratops Boss
- Indominus Boss
- Grypolyth Boss
- Gorgotrebax Boss


- Woolly Mammoth Boss
- Mammotherium Boss
- Stygidaryx Boss
- Hadros Lux Boss


- Erlikogamma Boss
- Pyrritator Boss
- Indoraptor Boss
- Mortem Rex Boss


- Tyrannosaurus Boss
- Megalosuchus Boss
- Smilonemys Boss
- Ceramagnus Boss



In order to lower matchmaking time for top players, all players in Arena 13 can now be matched together, regardless of their trophy difference.

Players at the lower end of Arena 13 can still occasionally be matched with lower Arena players, depending on how many other players are available in Arena 13 at that time. However, matchmaking within the Arena is prioritized over matchmaking based on trophy count for players in Arena 13




- The Map now differentiates short-range and long-range spawn points and will spawn different creatures!
- Some of the new creatures we are introducing to you in this update will only be found in short-range. With this new differentiation, short-range will have a slightly higher chance of spawning a Rare and Epic creature compared to long-range spawn points.
- The new creature Parasaurolophus Lux will only be available in short-range spawns. Being a Legendary creature, expect it to be quite difficult to find!


- Locations and creatures you can see when very close (within 30 meters, which is the smaller blue circle radar on your map) are considered to be short-range.
- Locations and creatures you see out of the blue circle radar on your map are considered long-range.
- Scent Capsules are great for bringing creatures that are out of reach to you but will not spawn short-range exclusive creatures.


- We’ve adjusted the view distance to help make Rares and Epics stand out more than Common creatures.



A variety of new battle tips have been introduced! Not sure how to improve in creature combat? Keep an eye on the PVP battle loading screen, the tips that appear there are tailored based on your Trophy and Campaign progress.



- Cautious Impact
- Emergency Group Heal
- Evasive Rampage
- Revenge Group Cunning Strike
- Group Instant Distraction
- Revenge Instant Ferocity
- Revenge Nullifying Rampage
- SideFlap



- Amphicyon | Common Regular
- Gorgonops | Rare Regular
- Antarctopelta | Epic Regular
- Megistotherium | Epic Regular
- Parasaurolophus Lux | Legendary Regular**
- Aquilamimus | Epic Hybrid
- Antarctovenator | Unique Hybrid
- Poukandactylus | Unique Hybrid
- Gorgotrebax | Apex Boss

**This is Jurassic World Alive’s first non-Hybrid Legendary! Please review the IMPROVED GEOLOCATION section for more info!



ALANQA | HP: 4200 changed to 4050
ANKYLOSAURUS | HP: 4800 changed to 4650, Deceleration Resistance: 50% changed to 100%
ARAMBOURGIANIA | HP: 4500 changed to 4350
CARBONEMYS | Speed: 103 changed to 104
CARBOTOCERATOPS | Speed: 104 changed to 103
DARWINOPTERUS | Speed: 129 changed to 128
DIMORPHODON | Speed: 128 changed to 127
ECHO | Attack: 1400 changed to 1350, Pounce changed to Precise Pounce
EDAPHOCEVIA | Revenge Rampage changed to Precise Rampage
EREMOTHERIUM | Attack: 1000 changed to 1050, Deceleration Resistance: 0% changed to 100%
HAAST EAGLE | Attack: 1200 changed to 1150
HAAST EAGLE GEN 2 | Speed: 130 changed to 131
KELENKEN | Attack: 1700 changed to 1600
MEIOLANIA | HP: 3150 changed to 3300, Emergency Heal changed to Lesser Emergency Heal
MONOLORHINO | Attack: 1300 changed to 1250
MONOSTEGOTOPS | Armor %: 30% changed to 25%
NODOSAURUS | Attack: 1000 changed to 950
PYRORAPTOR | HP: 3300 changed to 3150
QUETZORION | Attack: 1500 changed to 1450
RAJAKYLOSAURUS | Precise Piercing Strike changed to Armor Piercing Counter
SCAPHOTATOR | Greater Emergency Heal changed to Emergency Heal
SMILOCEPHALOSAURUS | HP: 3900 changed to 3750
SMILONEMYS | HP: 4200 changed to 3900
THORADOLOSAUR | Damage Over Time Resistance: 0% changed to 50%
VELOSRHACOS | HP: 2700 changed to 3000