The Flocks Update!

The Flocks Update brings new creatures, new Abilities, new Bosses, new Achievements, improved creature balancing, and other game improvements to Jurassic World Alive!

Introducing Flocks
Tiny creatures have made their way into Jurassic World Alive in the form of flocks! Flocks are groups of 3 creatures who work as one in battle! Each flock counts as one member of your team.

Flock creatures have some special attributes that make them valuable in Battle:

With Absorb, flocks can withstand powerful attacks and keep fighting, only losing one flock member at a time! But watch out for group attacks, these can take out an entire flock at once!

With Rally, flocks can call a new member into the fray after one is defeated! But remember, regular healing abilities cannot trigger a Rally!

This Update’s flock creatures are:
Compsognathus GEN 2

We also introduced 2 new creatures:
Bumpy - An epic ankylosaurus
Refrenantem - A new apex

New Abilities!
Flock creatures have come with a new ability set: Alert Abilities. Alert abilities have different effects based on the flock’s total remaining HP, which we represent in how many flock members are still fighting. For instance, if the flock has 3 out of 3 members still fighting, its Alert ability will be in the Secure state. If the flock dips to 2 or 1 member, the Alert ability’s Threatened state will trigger. Remember, some other creatures now have Alert abilities too, with a threshold in their total HP deciding between Secure and Threatened states!

These abilities are:

But they're not the only new abilities that we've added to the game! These abilities also make an introduction with 2.7:

New Raid Bosses!
The Flocks Update brings 3 new Raid Bosses!
  • Owen’s alpha Raptor Blue will replace Woolly Mammoth as a Raid Boss starting May 11th.
  • Meiolania, the second rare Raid Boss in Jurassic World Alive, will be introduced to Raids on May 19.
  • The Apex Dilophosaur Refrenantem will also enter the fray as a Boss, starting May 28th. This will be Jurassic World Alive’s first Friday Raid!
Additionally, the Level of the Smilonemys Raid Boss has been reduced from 24 to 22.

New Achievements!
To accompany our new flocks, we introduced 10 new achievements.
  • Epic Generosity - Donate 3000 Epic DNA
  • Epic Gratitude - Receive 200 Epic DNA Donations
  • Exploring West - Evolve Stegoceras to level 15
  • Exploring Europe - Evolve Struthiomimus to level 15
  • Exploring East - Evolve Rinchenia to level 15
  • Size Doesn’t Matter - Create 4 Flock Creatures
  • Strength In Numbers - Win 50 PVP Battles using Flock Creatures
  • Bite-Size Brute - Evolve the Compsognathus to level 15
  • Building Courage - Use the ability Courageous Alert 30 times
  • On Point - Get 30 Direct Hits on Epic Flock Creatures
Onboarding Improvements:
Based on player feedback, we’ve improved the Campaign Interface and Raids Unlock flow.
  • Now players can jump directly from the Campaign creature selection screen to their roster to evolve their creatures.
  • Now players can’t see Raids on the Map until they complete Campaign Chapter 2.
Players have noticed the win rates for Monolometrodon and Sarcorixis have been exceeding others in their rarities, devaluing comparable creatures. We’ve taken a look and confirmed this is true, so both have been adjusted. We also buffed the Dracoceratosaurus and the Skoonasaurus to make them more viable and fun to play with!