The Tiny Flyer Update!

Update 2.9 brings new creatures, abilities, bosses and other game improvements to Jurassic World Alive!

Tiny flying creatures from the dawn of time have entered Jurassic World Alive!

Watch out for flocks of Coelurosauravus, Archaeopteryx and the Legendary hybrid Coelhaast! But, watch out! They’re not alone! The Megalonyx, a giant sloth, also joins the fray and can be battle in our brand new raid!

Make sure you collect all of them and master their brand new abilities!

Time for another photoshoot!

Head to the Lab and open up AR to find the new options menu, containing Smart Placement and Brightness options.

Smart Placement:
Use Smart Placement on applicable devices to position creatures according to different objects in the real world!

Increase the brightness on creatures to make sure they always look their best!

We always want to make sure new and returning players have an excellent experience in Jurassic World Alive!

New players will now have a slightly longer tutorial when they start the game to help them better understand what they should do first.

Returning players will now receive news in their News Center recapping features they may have missed and offering advice on what to do next in the game.

Other small adjustments have also been made to improve the user experience of returning players.

In this update, we revised the mechanics associated with Resilient class abilities.

Resilient creatures have the potential to overly dominate the battlefield because they have access to slowing behaviours, which can take over the time-based battle system. In order to make this class more balanced with others, we replaced the slowing behaviours in Resilient class abilities with vulnerability-inducing behaviours. This makes sure that Resilient creatures remain a foil to Cunning creatures and also still pose a threat to Fierce creatures, but are not predominant in the overall class meta-game.

Because we have put more focus on vulnerability in Resilient abilities, we needed to adjust several creatures’ vulnerable resistances. We also updated some Resilient creatures’ abilities to make sure they stayed true to their original use in Battle! Finally we took the opportunity to touch up a few creatures that were underperforming or overperforming based on our analytics and player feedback!

The Dart inventory limit has been increased from 140 to 350.
Darts given in the Daily Free Incubator have been increased.
An option to disable vibration for new creatures spawned on the Map has been added to Settings.