Open Jurassic World Alive and head to the new Daily Gifts menu to collect a free gift every day!

You’ll have 30 days to collect 28 gifts in the Daily Gifts menu. Every day you collect a gift you’ll move closer to bigger gifts available each 7 days of collection, and a great big gift available after 28 days of collection!

The Daily Gifts menu isn’t tied to any actual calendar, so you can start collecting any day you want. But remember, your Daily gifts menu will reset every 30 days, and any progress you make towards the big gifts will be lost! Make sure to log in and collect a gift every day to maximize your rewards!

Want even more rewards? Check out the one-time gifts below your Gifts Calendar. Your progress towards these rewards doesn’t reset, but some can take a long time to get to! Log in every day to get them as fast as possible.