The Jurassic World Alive adventure is unfolding in a new way!

To help newer players progress through the game without feeling overloaded, we’ve set certain features to unlock only as you Level up. See below for a list of features now part of the Level Unlock progression.

For players who have already unlocked these features, don’t worry, you’ll keep them unlocked. However, some players may see that higher-level Raids will now be locked to them. This is because many players with access to these Raids were not at a high-enough level to effectively complete them. To stop players from having a bad experience, we’ve locked these Raids to player levels that stand a fighting chance against these powerful bosses!

If you do find yourself locked out of a Legendary, Unique, or Apex Raid, don’t fret, just look on the Map for a Rare or Epic Raid more suited to your player level!

Watch your News Center for Guides to features in the Unlock progression. Each time you level up and unlock a new feature, you’ll get a special Guide detailing how to succeed with this new part of the game!

Features & Level Unlocks

Rare Raids: Unlocked at level 4
Sanctuaries: Unlocked at level 5
Epic Raids: Unlocked at level 7
Tournaments: Unlocked at level 8
Championships: Unlocked at level 8
Stat Boosts: Unlocked at level 10
Legendary Raids: Unlocked at level 12
Multi-Fusion: Unlocked at level 14
Unique Raids: Unlocked at level 16
Apex Raids: Unlocked at level 18