Many bugs get reported to our team - most of them are resolved quickly. However, there are some pesky bugs that hang around and take more time to investigate and resolve. We have compiled a list of these known bugs below.

Should you encounter an issue that is not listed below, feel free to reach out to us at

Last Updated: 07/19/2022

2.17 Update Specific Known Issues
We also have a dedicated forum post for all update specific bugs and their real-time updates here:

Unable to Claim VIP Epic Incubator
First-time VIP subscribers are entitled to a special gift of 1 free Epic Incubator upon subscription. Some players have reported not receiving their gift incubator. If you are a first-time VIP subscriber and failed to receive the gift, please reach out to our support team so we can provide the incubator.

One-Time Level Up Offer Crash
Players who level up are offered a one-time only offer at the time they level up. If a player experiences a network or device connection error, the offer may disappear before having a chance to purchase the offer. We are unable to manually push these offers, so it's best to ensure you have a stable connection before levelling up in-game.

Battle Freezes, Connection Errors and Lag
Real-time battles are a big part of the Jurassic World: Alive experience. If you experience a network or device connection error during a battle, you may encounter freezing or lag issues due to the connection error. If you were affected by this during a battle, please reach out to our support team to investigate the situation.

Battle Won - Message Incorrectly States Incubator Slots Are Full
As is the case with battle freezes and lag, if you experience a connection error during a PvP battle and win, you may get an error message stating your incubator slots are full, even if they are not. The workaround for this issue is to fully reboot the app. Once rebooted, the incubator slot order will be corrected and display the incubator that should have been rewarded after the battle.

Cannot Send or Receive Raid Invitations
Some players may run into issues sending or receiving raid invitations. If you encounter this issue, please verify that JWA has the proper notification permissions turned on and the Terms of Service have been accepted in-game. You may encounter this issue even after turning on the proper permissions. Our team is currently working to find a permanent fix.

Friends List Performance Issues
Players who have over 50 friends in their friends list (this includes pending friend requests) may experience some performance issues with Friendly PvP, Alliance lists and friends lists. The best workaround to avoid this is to make sure to keep the friends list below 50.

DNA Request Issues
Players may encounter issues requesting DNA in their Alliance tab. If you encounter a DNA Request that disappears after sending the request, we suggest you fully reboot your app after the request. This should bring the request back up in the Alliance Chat. The team is also investigating an issue with the Epic DNA Sunday timer resetting to 24 hours instead of 12 hours after having collected the gifted DNA.

Ending Tournament Rank of 0
Some players have reported ending a tournament with a rank of 0 regardless of their actual Tournament scores, and therefore receiving the participation prize. If you believe this happened to you during a tournament, please reach out to our support team so we can verify and provide you with your correct score and ranked reward.

Raid Boss Prevents Players From Collecting Supply Drops
The team is currently investigating certain Raid creatures who sometimes block other objectives like Supply Drops and Strike towers. There is no workaround to this issue yet. If you do encounter this issue, please reach out to our support team so we can add your report to our ongoing investigation.

Defeating a Raid Boss Using Damage Over Time Causes Game Freeze
There is currently an issue where winning a Raid using Damage over Time causes the game to freeze. Simply reboot your app once the game freezes. Your Raid rewards will be sent to your resources directly after winning.

Raid Invite Notifications Are Received in Sender's Language
If a player has their phone set to a different language than you, you may receive their Raid invitation in their native language instead of your own. The team is currently working on a permanent fix.