Many bugs get reported to our team - most of them are resolved quickly. However, there are some pesky bugs that hang around and take more time to investigate and resolve. We have compiled a list of these known bugs below.

Should you encounter an issue that is not listed below, feel free to reach out to us at

Last Updated: 09/23/2022

2.18 Update Specific Known Issues
We also have a dedicated forum post for all update specific bugs and their real-time updates here:

Unable to Claim VIP Epic Incubator
First-time VIP subscribers are entitled to a special gift of 1 free Epic Incubator upon subscription. Some players have reported not receiving their gift incubator. If you are a first-time VIP subscriber and failed to receive the gift, please reach out to our support team so we can provide the incubator.

Android Users Unable to Friendly Battle
We are aware of an issue where certain Android users see "Error: You must be connected to Google Play services to perform this action" when they try to start friendly battles. Our team is actively investigating the issue and hope to have a fix in an upcoming update.

Certain Android Devices Show Overlapping Text on the Top of the Screen
We are aware of an issue after version 2.18.26 was released where certain Android devices (mainly Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ models) are experiencing display issues on the top of the screen. A workaround is to edit your device's settings. Please go to Settings -> Display -> Full Screen Apps -> switch bottom tab to Camera Cutout -> find JW Alive -> Select Hide Camera Cutout

Visual Issue Showing Level 21
We are aware of an issue where Level 21 is displayed as certain players' current levels, even though the max is Level 20. This is only a visual issue and has no impact on progression or gameplay.

False Notifications Appear for Battle Passes and Missions
We are aware of issues where false notifications appear above Battle Passes and Missions, even though players have collected all available rewards. We hope to have a fix available soon in a future update.

Battle Won - Message Incorrectly States Incubator Slots Are Full
As is the case with battle freezes and lag, if you experience a connection error during a PvP battle and win, you may get an error message stating your incubator slots are full, even if they are not. The workaround for this issue is to fully reboot the app. Once rebooted, the incubator slot order will be corrected and display the incubator that should have been rewarded after the battle.

Cannot Send or Receive Raid Invitations
Some players may run into issues sending or receiving raid invitations. If you encounter this issue, please verify that JWA has the proper notification permissions turned on and the Terms of Service have been accepted in-game. You may encounter this issue even after turning on the proper permissions. Our team is currently working to find a permanent fix.

Friends List Performance Issues
Players who have over 50 friends in their friends list (this includes pending friend requests) may experience some performance issues with Friendly PvP, Alliance lists and friends lists. The best workaround to avoid this is to make sure to keep the friends list below 50.

Defeating a Raid Boss Using Damage Over Time Causes Game Freeze
There is currently an issue where winning a Raid using Damage over Time causes the game to freeze. Simply reboot your app once the game freezes. Your Raid rewards will be sent to your resources directly after winning.