To join a guild, you must first find the guild you wish to join using Guild Search, view the Guild Details, and then send a Join Request to the leader of that guild.

• You can request to join a guild only when you are not already in another guild.
o Step 1 – Tap SEARCH to see a list of Suggested Guilds you can join or search by Guild Name. You must use the full guild name if searching this way.
o Step 2 – View guild details. The crowned guild member indicates the highest trophy count among its members
o Step 3 – Tap JOIN GUILD. The request is now sent to the guild leader

• Only the Guild Leader can see and manage Join Guild requests.
o All Join Request notifications will appear in the Leader’s chat, in the Join Requests tab
o The Leader may Accept or Deny the request, or view the Profile of the player wishing to join
o The Profile displays: Renown, current and highest trophy count, and all unlocked heroes
o Once Accepted, a message will appear in the Guild Chat that a new member has joined

• To leave a guild. Tap the Leave Guild button and confirm your intention to leave the guild. A message will appear in the Guild Chat that you have left.
• A Guild Leader must first promote another Guild Member before leaving the guild.

Note: If you leave a guild before collecting any guild donations, those donations are lost. You will also lose all guild keys.