• Players can request specific cards from other guild members, and donate cards to fulfill other requests. You can have one active gear request at a time. The request remains open for a set amount of time.
o Select Hero for which the gear is needed
o Select requested gear desired
o Confirm Request
o A CALL TO ARMS! banner will appear in the guild chat with the request for all guild members to see
o When the timer expires, you can then tap on COLLECT to claim the gear your fellow guildmates have generously donated to you
Note: The number of common and rare cards that you can request increases with your Renown level.

• Gear requests will appear in the Guild Chat. You may donate gear cards to the requests of other guild members, if you have cards of that hero and type to spare.
• As a reward for your gift, you earn gold and XP for the hero related to the gear. For example, if you donate Tommus gear, your Tommus receives XP!
Note: The individual donation limit for cards is indicated in the request. The overall daily donation limit for all requests increases with your Renown level. VIPs get double the requests!