Silverhand Trials
The Warriors of Waterdeep bravely face any mission set by Laeral Silverhand, and their courage and skill in the defense of the City of Splendors has not gone unnoticed. To reward the Warriors for their achievements, Laeral weaves her spells to create new Silverhand gear to reward the heroes who complete one more task… the Silverhand Trials!

What is Silverhand Gear?
Silverhand gear is a new type of gear designed and enchanted by Laeral herself. She has begun by creating a new weapon for each hero to complement their different fighting styles.
Silverhand gear is similar in rarity and power to legendary gear, but emphasizes different abilities and play styles for each hero.
Silverhand gear can be found in treasure chests and card packs, and then collected and upgraded like any other gear…but only after you earn your first copy of the card by completing a Silverhand Trial event.

How to View Silverhand Gear?
You can see that a new item slot for the Silverhand gear has been added to the Weapons tab in the inventory for each hero. There are no previews for the item - Laeral doesn’t want to spoil the surprise!

How Many Silverhand Weapons are Available?
For the first Silverhand Trial, you can find a weapon for either Halbenet or Shevarith. Weapons for the additional heroes will be added to the pool of potential rewards in future Silverhand Trials.

What are the Silverhand Trials?
Silverhand Trials are a specific type of recurring Heroic Adventure. You can collect rewards as you complete each stage of the event, and then earn a Silverhand pack containing one random Silverhand weapon as a final prize.

What Happens After the First Silverhand Trials?
Laeral goes back to work on the next batch of gear - perhaps for some tough melee fighters - and either Halbenet or Shevarith has a new weapon to collect, upgrade, and use in combat… until the next round of Silverhand Trials!

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