Greetings Adventurer!
The Valley & Valor update introduces a new exploration to challenge your heroes - the deceptively peaceful Shimmersky Valley!

New Exploration: Shimmersky Valley

After defeating Vorazidrar, the black dragon of Forestfall Fen, the Warriors of Waterdeep are called north to investigate a series of raids disrupting the normally peaceful trade route known as Shimmersky Valley.

All players will have a chance to explore Shimmersky Valley and Dragonscar Gorge through the Discover the Valley exploration event, described in the next section.

Discover the Valley

The Shimmersky Valley exploration will be released for all players over the course of a five-part Discover the Valley event.

The ten chapters of the Shimmersky Valley exploration will be released in 5 two-chapter blocks during this event.

Each node on the Prize list represents the reward for completing a dungeon on the chapter map.

Players will have a limited amount of time to complete the chapters and collect the rewards. The first playthrough is always free. If time remains, players can pay the Replay cost and replay the block.

When time on the current block runs out, there is a short break before the next block is activated.

When the next block in the sequence is active, players can play the new block, or complete any incomplete previous blocks in the sequence.

After the Event

Once all five blocks of the Discover the Valley event have ended, Shimmersky Valley will be unlocked as a regular exploration after Forestfall Fen. The difficulty will be set to its normal baseline - not matched to the party power - and players will collect dungeon chests and leader packs for completing each dungeon.

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